London Alcohol Company produces, markets and
distributes a variety of premium spirits. We hold a
growing portfolio of high quality products including
vodka, gin and whisky.

At London Alcohol Company we like to take a whole
new approach to our business, which can be summed
up in four words: EXPERIENCE, HERITAGE,

Over 600 years of experience of British spirits-making
tradition, coupled with the rich heritage of our
premium brands and products, has allowed us to grow
rapidly since our relatively recent debut on the
international market.

With our expanding global network of third party
distribution companies, supply to emerging markets
plays an increasingly significant role in our spirits sales
around the world and is one of the essential
components in our growth.

Our existing range of brands and continuous
development of new premium products - supported by
an ever-growing geographic reach - means that more
people can enjoy our high quality products across the
globe; whatever the occasion.
Whilst London Alcohol Company is a relatively young,
central London-based corporation, our production units
have been at the forefront of the British spirits making
industry for over a century.

Be it the art of blending or distilling, we carefully craft
our spirits in various parts of the United Kingdom. Using
our experience, established techniques and the latest
technology, we are forever casting a watchful eye over
the quality delivered.
We proudly build our heritage on the profound
authenticity of each and every one of our brands.

Exclusive emphasis is placed on ensuring that our
brands have strong ties with their geographic origin,
embodying heritage within the character and taste of
every product.

It is with great pride that we carry forward the
exceptional spirits distillation and blending techniques
and traditions that have been achieved through
centuries of British spirits production.
At London Alcohol Company, innovation is at the core of
our philosophy and is the major driving force of our
development. We see innovation as both improving
something that already exists as well introducing
something radically different.

We pursue innovation in all that we do. Whether it is in
product design, competitive positioning or even the way
we make our day to day business decisions, innovation
plays a pivotal role in the continuous development of
our product stature, exclusivity and value.
The concept of premiumisation originated in the spirits
business fairly recently and is generally referred to as
the practice of positioning a brand as a premium or luxury.

For too many producers premiumisation is reduced to
charging premium prices for a product which is no
different. At London Alcohol Company we know that our
consumers are comfortable paying higher prices only if
the exclusivity or extra value is present.

Hence, our commitment to premiumisation for our
prestigious brands starts with a thorough selection
process at every stage in the crafting of our premium
spirits. From choice of origin and the selection of only
the finest ingredients, through to high quality production recourses and premium packaging, quality is at the
heart of everything we do.
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London Alcohol Company promotes responsible alcohol consumption. We support the policies against alcohol misuse & excessive drinking practices.